Hello, my name is Jenny and I have been a rider and instructor with the Hollow Hills team since 2015. I have always been drawn to horses. I was about 8 when I “finally” had the opportunity to start riding lessons. I was born a left hand amputee so my first few years of riding I was part of a therapeutic riding program. After developing adaptive abilities to ride independently I started venturing into the world of “main stream” riding lessons. In my youth I participated in 4H, local fall fairs, and volunteered as a barn rat for any opportunity to be around horses. At 15 I fell in love with a little grey quarter horse, Munchkin, he was very green and I didn’t know anywhere near as much as I thought I did, but together we conquered many adventures on the trails and in the dressage ring.

I began my journey as an instructor in 2007; I strive to provide a safe, fun, and educational introduction to riding as well as equestrian development. I continue to actively continue my education in the equine industry in a variety of streams including long term athlete development/coaching, therapeutic riding, and equine behaviour/equine assisted therapy. I also have a strong passion for equine development and conditioning. My current equine partner, Rolex, and I have been growing as a team in the Jumper ring and we hope to continue building our skills in low level eventing. Rolex and I enjoy just about any adventure available to us! I’ve also been actively skill building in the world of gaited horses (icelandics). When I’m not at the barn my husband, Darcy, and our kiddos Cahlee and Owen, enjoy exploring the beautiful outdoors – hiking, canoeing and camping are just a few of the things we get up to in our off time!

– Jenny Sanderson