Hi my name is Tanya and I am an avid equestrian with years of experience in many areas of the horse industry. I love helping clients reach their equestrian goals both in and out of the saddle. I have worked with people from all walks of life and horses in many disciplines, from dressage, hunter/jumper, eventing to western.  I specialize in starting and training horses, riders, grooms and I am the owner/operator of Hollow Hills Equestrian training facility.

My passion is helping horses and riders communicate together in harmony and achieve their goals, in or out of the show ring.

I am classically trained with a focus on core fundamentals, equitation, and positive horsemanship. Every aspect of my stable is overseen by myself, down to the last detail.

My horse journey began with my families standardbred farm as a child, learning about the complex horse world at a very early age.  I first started riding at age of 5 when my parents kept a retired standardbred for me. My next partner was an Arabian weanling Blaze. Both these horses taught me patience, perseverance, hard work and grit very young. 

Ever since childhood I’ve been passionate about what I could learn from horses. I had a very simple start, mostly riding bareback whenever I wasn’t in school or sleeping. I belonged to horse clubs and competed in pony games and local fall fairs. I was teaching lessons to neighbourhood kids by age 14.  This led into becoming certified through Equine Canada as a Competition Coach.  Over the years I was fortunate to work with some of the top riders in our industry. 

My philosophy when it comes to coaching riders and training horses is all about being flexible to situations. By encouraging riders and horses to be curious and control their reactions their minds stay open to learn. I focus on proper fundamentals while guiding riders to work through each learning stage without feeling rushed or unprepared.

I love to learn and understand which has lead me to help others. I believe in working with a horse and rider’s strengths and instincts and strive to create a positive experience where both feel safe. This allows me to shape attitudes before they become frustrated or afraid. My greatest satisfaction is when a horse and rider click, overcome a challenge and build a partnership. My unique perspective with horses based on years of experience in many different disciplines has given me a strong foundation and fresh insight to train horses and coach equestrians of any age, ability or background.

With extensive show experience in 3 day eventing, hunters and stadium jumping, if showing is your goal I have the toolkit to get you there.